Éco Entreprises Québec holds its annual general assembly

ÉEQ outlines major achievements for 2012

Montréal, April 29, 2013 – Éco Entreprises Québec (ÉEQ) held its Annual General Assembly on April 25, 2013, where attendees learned more about the year’s highlights reported in the recently published Annual Report.

Board Chair Denis Brisebois acknowledged the tremendous efforts made by contributing companies, as they were required to make accelerated payments for 2010, 2011 and 2012 Schedule of ContributionsThe Schedule of Contributions is made up of the application rules, which govern (1) obligation terms, (2) the definition of designated materials, (3) parameters for Company Reports, and (4) administrative terms relating to contribution payments. The Schedule of Contributions also includes a contribution table, which allocates the annual amount of compensation due for a given class of materials (e.g. containers and packaging) and its various component materials (e.g. glass, metal, plastic, cardboard, etc.).
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Schedule of Contributions
in so short a timespan. He also emphasized the important role ÉEQ is gearing up to play at each step along the curbside recycling value chain.

Significant achievements

ÉEQ’s President and CEO, Maryse Vermette, outlined the organization’s achievements in 2012, including the launch of the Bacs+ group for enhancement of curbside recycling and the activity based costing study presented to the government, which shed light on the skyrocketing increase in non-designated materials – now topping 15% – that are placed in recycling bins. That study resulted in the early 2013 publication of a draft amendment to the regulation on the compensation plan for municipal curbside recycling services, the main focus of which was to settle the non-designated materials issue. Ms. Vermette also stressed the active role played by ÉEQ in this regard, i.e. the presentation of a substantial submission to the government and mobilization of more than a hundred companies to bring their concerns to the attention of elected officials.

Outlook for 2013

Ms. Vermette also gave an overview of ÉEQ’s projects and objectives for 2013, which include the revision of the Schedule formula, the strategic importance of ÉEQ’s expertise with regard to the optimization of containers, packaging and printed matter, the deployment of a public relations campaign to bolster ÉEQ’s visibility and role, and actively participating in the government’s comparative study of results obtained from the deposit system and curbside recycling. ÉEQ is also committed to setting up a task force with municipal representatives to determine curbside recycling best practices and furthering its contribution to expand away-from-home materials recovery with joint investments $8 million over 5 years with the government.

New comers on the Board of Directors

In order to properly position ÉEQ to take on future challenges and ensure it reflects the reality of contributing companies, Board Directors approved an amendment to ÉEQ’s by-laws to add two seats to the Board that represent companies or organizations members of ÉEQ.

The Board therefore brought on board Pierre Labelle, Vice-President, Category Management – Grocery, Sobeys Quebec, representing the Retail Council of Canada (RCC), and Éric Brunelle, Vice-President, Finances and Administration, Agropur, Natrel Division.

Finally, ÉEQ is pleased to announce that the members of its Board of Directors whose term was up were elected by acclamation at ÉEQ’s Annual General Assembly held on April 25, 2013. By virtue of ÉEQ’s general by-laws, Board Directors are elected for a two-year term.

ÉEQ’s 2013-2014 Board of Directors
Retailers and Distributors Sector
Denis Brisebois Vice-President Retail Operations, Metro Banner, Eastern Quebec Term renewed
Florent Gravel President and CEO of the Association des détaillants en alimentation du Québec (ADAQ), designated representative of Fromagerie Pimar/Hamel inc. Mid-point of term
Me Gaston Lafleur President, Conseil québécois du Commerce de détail (CQCD) Mid-point of term
Martin Labrecque Vice-President, Finance and Control, Uni-Select inc. Term renewed
Manufacturing sector - Food and Consumer Products
Suzanne Blanchet President and CEO, Cascades Tissue Group Term renewed
Sylvie Cloutier President and CEO, Conseil de la transformation agroalimentaire et des produits de consommation (CTAQ) Term renewed
Pierre M. Nadeau President and CEO, Conseil des industriels laitiers du Québec (CILQ) Mid-point of term
Sylvain Mayrand Executive Vice-President and General Manager, Operations, A. Lassonde Mid-point of term
General Sector – Services – Manufacturers, durable products
Frédéric Poussard Vice-President, Finance and Operations, TVA Publications inc. Mid-point of term
Bernard Le Blanc Vice-President, Procurement and Administrative Services, Mouvement Desjardins Mid-point of term
Jean Lefebvre Vice-President, Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association (CRFA) Term renewed
Jean-François Thériault Vice-President, Information Technology, Société des alcools du Québec Term renewed
ÉEQ member companies and organizations
Pierre Labelle Vice-President, Category Management – Grocery, Sobeys Quebec, designated representative of the Retail Council of Canada (RCC) New Board seat
Éric Brunelle Vice-President, Finance and Administration, Agropur, Natrel Division New Board seat

The mandate of the following Directors was renewed at the Board meeting that followed the Annual General Assembly:

  • Denis Brisebois, Chair
  • Suzanne Blanchet, Vice-Chair
  • Florent Gravel, Secretary-Treasurer

We are pleased to announce that ÉEQ’s Annual Report is now available in French. To view the report, go to: http://www.ecoentreprises.qc.ca/documents/pdf/AGA/2013/rapportannuel2012_eeq_engl_simple.pdf
The English version will be available in mid-May.

About Éco Entreprises Québec

Éco Entreprises Québec (ÉEQ) is a private, non-profit organization created by companies that put containers, packaging and printed matter (CP&PM) on Quebec’s market. ÉEQ is certified by RECYC-QUÉBEC to establish a fee structure and collect contributions from companies in order to pay the net costs of municipal curbside recycling. In addition to that primary function, ÉEQ is involved in a number of initiatives to optimize the curbside recycling value chain, particularly with regard to reducing at the source the quantities of CP&PM generated and increasing their recyclability, enhancing curbside recycling and reducing its costs, as well as increasing not only the quantities of residual materials that are recycled, but also their economic value.

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