$8 Million for materials recovery in municipal public spaces

Éco Entreprises Québec and the Ministère du Développement durable, de l’Environnement, de la Faune et des Parcs make a 5-year commitment

Montréal, April 19, 2013 – Today, at Montréal’s Space for Life Biodiversity Centre, the Minister of Développement durable, de l’Environnement, de la Faune et des Parcs (MDDEFP), Yves-François Blanchet, and Denis Brisebois, Board Chair at Éco Entreprises Québec (ÉEQ), announced an $8 million grant to recover recyclable materials in municipal public spaces. Program financing will be equally shared by the MDDEFP and voluntary contributions from ÉEQ, a private non-profit organization representing companies subject to the plan to compensate municipal curbside recycling services. ÉEQ will oversee the program, which is an extension of previous efforts to deploy recovery equipment in parks, bus shelters, arenas and on downtown streets. The Table pour la récupération hors foyer will act on ÉEQ’s behalf as program operations manager.

“Quebec is taking a leading role on many environmental fronts. Without a doubt, the most successful projects are partnerships, and that between ÉEQ, RECYC-QUÉBEC and the MDDEFP for the management of residual materials constitutes an ever-improving model that serves all Quebecers,” said the Minister.

Éco Entreprises Québec firmly believes that the simple act of placing all recyclable materials in a single bin at home should be possible away-from-home as well. “Companies that generate containers, packaging and printed matter have been compensating an increasing share of the cost of municipal curbside recycling in Quebec since 2005. To date, they have paid close to a half billion dollars to municipalities to cover the net costs of collecting, transporting, sorting and conditioning recyclable materials. Beyond its financial obligations, Éco Entreprises Québec is a partner that contributes to the success of curbside recycling. In fact, the organization is one of the co-founders of the Table pour la récupération hors foyer and has been investing in the away-from-home recovery program since its very beginning. Today’s announcement goes even further, as not only will companies invest in broadening away-from-home recovery, they will also compensate the cost of curbside recycling in compliance with the compensation plan, therefore demonstrating their deep commitment to the success of curbside recycling,” explained Denis Brisebois. “We are convinced that this effort will help to meet the objectives set by the government for materials recovery in Quebec as well as give the public the opportunity to continue the good habits they practice at home by recycling materials when they are in municipal spaces,” he added.

Daniel Cotte, President of the Table pour la récupération hors foyer, was pleased that the organization’s activities would continue. “Since the away-from-home program was created six years ago, its popularity with municipal organizations has grown tremendously: people throughout Quebec now have access to almost 8,000 pieces of recovery equipment to dispose of recyclable materials when they are away from home. That is a remarkable success and the reason why we are thrilled with Éco Entreprises Québec’s commitment and the government’s funding for the next five years. All Quebec municipalities are invited to take advantage of this program by sending in their application.”

About Éco Entreprises Québec

Éco Entreprises Québec (ÉEQ) is a private, non-profit organization created by companies that put containers, packaging and printed matter (CP&PM) on Quebec’s market. ÉEQ was certified by RECYC-QUÉBEC to establish a fee structure and collect contributions from companies in order to pay the net costs of municipal curbside recycling. In addition to that primary function, ÉEQ is involved in a number of initiatives to optimize the curbside recycling value chain, particularly with regard to reducing at the source the quantities of CP&PM generated and increasing their recyclability, enhancing curbside recycling and reducing its costs, as well as increasing not only the quantities of residual materials that are recycled, but also their economic value.

About the Ministère du Développement durable, de l’Environnement, de la Faune et des Parcs (MDDEFP)

The MDDEFP’s investment in the away-from-home recovery program is made in accordance with the 2011-2015 Action Plan (Action 31) of Quebec’s Residual Materials Management Policy.

About the Table pour la récupération hors foyer

The Table pour la récupération hors foyer is a non-profit organization made up of partners from the public, private and association sectors interested in optimizing away-from-home recyclables recovery. See a complete report on the organization’s achievements on the Table’s website at www.tablehorsfoyer.ca.

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