Tri-logique Awareness Program

ÉEQ, major partner of Tri-logique, a new program to promote sound residual materials management

As the representative of the 3,000 companies responsible for financing curbside recycling in Quebec, ÉEQ is pleased to be a major partner in a new initiative by Réseau Environnement to help municipalities simplify and optimize the materials recovered by their citizens. Plans are to give people detailed information about what materials should be placed in recycling bins, i.e. only containers, packaging and printed matter.

Sorting residual materials – So easy to do
Tri-logique will provide people with tools and information regarding best practices in materials recovery, both at home and at the office, while helping them understand the principles and application of the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle).

A first edition in the summer of 2015
Tri-logique’s awareness campaign on sound materials management will run throughout Quebec from May 4 to August 7, 2015.

Why you should participate in Tri-logique’s program

  • Help your municipality reach the objectives of the Action Plan stemming from Quebec's Residual Materials Management Policy
  • Inform people on how to contribute to improving recyclables recovery rates
  • Help people understand the steps in the residual materials recovery process
  • Increase quantities and improve the quality of recovered materials
  • Propose initiatives to promote sound residual materials management
  • Strengthen people’s sense of belonging to your municipality

What the Tri-logique program offers:

  • Delegation of an outreach officer to your region to meet with citizens at event kiosks as well as school and day-camp visits.
  • Information leaflets to raise the awareness of people of all ages
  • A complete website, and much more!

For more information, go to the program’s website.

Recent press release

» Tri-logique : un nouveau programme de sensibilisation des citoyens à la bonne gestion des matières résiduelles (French only)

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