Best Practices Initiative

The Best Practices Initiative for curbside recycling is designed to foster collaboration with municipalities throughout Quebec. Éco Entreprises Québec believes that, to be truly successful, curbside recycling must be optimized in respect of regional issues and realities.

Curbside recycling has expanded significantly in Quebec over the past twenty years, with 99% of homes now being served, increased recovery rates and the availability of roll-out recycling bins.

Not revolution, but evolution.

ÉEQ and its contributors wish to go beyond their financial role consisting in the compensation of municipal curbside recycling services in order to develop an overall vision and create a business model for Quebec that is effective and dynamic.

The Best Practices Initiative provides stakeholders with an opportunity to work together to encourage the public to recover more and better, optimize each step of the system, implement standards of quality and diversify market outlets for recycled materials.


Practical workshops that are useful, free and adapted to needs

Did you know that the costs of collecting and transporting materials accounts for almost 85% of the net costs of curbside recycling in Quebec?

ÉEQ has gathered an impressive body of data to paint a portrait of recycling in Quebec: Find out more about that portrait during our workshops and see where your region stands with regard to performance and efficiency!

For more information on the Best Practices Initiative or to organize a workshop, contact our team!

Last update : May-15-15

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