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Portrait of curbside recycling in Quebec

ÉEQ summarized unpublished data to get a global view of recycling in Quebec and, in cooperation with RECYC-QUÉBEC, conducted a survey of municipal organizations to complete the picture.

Join a workshop to discover Quebec’s portrait and how your region is doing with regard to performance and efficiency.

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of materials recovered/inhabitant

A formula adapted to your needs:

    • Discussions among participants after a round of introduction;

    • Brief overview of Éco Entreprises Québec and the Best Practices Initiative;

    • Portrait of curbside recycling in Quebec and in your region;

    • Your success stories that others can emulate: sharing best practices;

    • Discussions on avenues for optimization: performance and efficiency;

    • Discussions on a specific topic;

    • Evaluation of the workshop and outlook.

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A wide range of topics to improve efficiency and effectiveness

Our experts are ready to discuss a whole range of issues with you. Here are a few of the topics planned for the next workshops:

Calls for proposals for materials collection and transportation
» Understand essential points to consider when developing your call for proposals in order to get the lowest price and ensure efficient follow-up

Costs of collection and transportation
» Identify the main factors that determine curbside recycling costs, including the number of proposals received, contract duration, grouping of municipalities, etc.

Curbside recycling performance
» Increase the quantities of materials recovered via curbside recycling in your region by influencing the main factors affecting program performance

Call for proposals for materials sorting and conditioning
» Demystify opportunities for increasing your service supplier’s accountability in order to ensure the sound management of recovered materials

Costs of materials sorting and conditioning
» Write specifications so as to control the factors that influence sorting and conditioning costs, including manpower, equipment, set-up and revenues from the resale of recovered materials

Quality of materials recovered
» Develop communications and raise public awareness to improve the quality of recovered materials and optimize the curbside recycling value chain

Outlets for secondary materials
» Give a second life to recovered materials in a sustainable development perspective to generate economic and environmental benefits.

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