Voluntary Code of Best Practices for the Use of Shopping Bags

ÉEQ developed the Voluntary Code of Best Practices for the Use of Shopping Bags in cooperation with retailers, distributors and RECYC-QUÉBEC.

Quebecers now consume 52% fewer shopping bags.

A 2012 study showed that, between 2007 and 2010, Quebecers reduced their use of shopping bags from 2.2 billion to 1 billion bags, or 52%, over those three years. Reached two years before the deadline, this outcome exceeds by 2% the 50% reduction target set by the government for 2012.

For consumer goods retailers, particularly the food and drug store sectors, that reduction actually reached 60%.

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The Voluntary Code defined 20 concrete measures to reduce the quantity of shopping bags distributed and disposed of every year in Quebec. Recommended actions include promoting the use of reusable bags and other durable containers in order to encourage the reuse, recovery and recycling of shopping bags, as well as raising awareness and educating store personnel and consumers about the issue.

A RECYC-QUÉBEC study on the environmental impact of shopping bags was also published (in French only):
» Avis sur les sacs d'emplettes : Évaluation de leur impact environnemental, RECYC-QUÉBEC, November 2007

Last update : March-03-16

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