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ÉEQ’s optimization portal has been online since 2013. 

The portal offers companies strategies focused on reducing at the source, ecodesign as well as packaging and printed matter recyclability.

A first in Canada, ÉEQ’s portal presents a proactive approach that encourages companies to adopt best practices in the design of packaged products and printed matter. The approach not only takes into account environmental and economic issues, but also competitiveness and performance.

In 2011, ÉEQ launched the Voluntary Code for the Optimization of Containers, Packaging and Printed Matter. The interactive portal is therefore a follow-up to the Voluntary Code.

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Optimization: An approach that results in savings, innovation and improved environmental performance.

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A first in Canada, this packaging and printed matter optimization portal suggests options based on the entire life cycle of a packaged product or printed matter, starting from materials procurement through to its end-of-life, including recyclability. suggests four strategies:

  • Adopt responsible procurement criteria

  • Design optimally

  • Improve end-of-life management

  • Communicate the approach

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Last update : October-10-14

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