Optimization kit

Discover the OptimEco kit, a free and innovative online tool.

Increasing regulatory pressures, economic and environmental concerns as well as social acceptance are all factors that have companies reconsidering how they manage their packaging and printed matter.

The OptimEco kit offers companies of all sizes doing business in Québec a simple and complete approach to making decisions on the optimization of their containers, packaging or printed matter in order to improve their environmental performance.

The OptimEco kit provides complementary information to the portal, which garnered 1st prize for Innovation in the Novae Corporate Citizenship competition.

The OptimEco kit was developed for companies in all business sectors who manufacture, design or distribute containers and packaging or packaged products. The tool helps managers integrate ecodesign to existing business processes by providing:

  • Explanations on ecodesign concepts
  • A description of potential benefits and leveraged improvements
  • Steps for implementing an ecodesign initiative so company managers can determine where to begin the process
  • Practical strategies for mobilizing teams and business partners
  • Concrete and inspiring examples according to business sector

The kit also debunks common myths and misconceptions about ecodesign.

Rethink your packaging and printed matter choices

Ecodesign can generate economic, competitive, reputational and environmental benefits for your company. The optimization kit suggests solid arguments to mobilize your teams and partners, as well as practical tips for jump-starting the process.

Learn all about the OptimEco kit.

Last update : October-10-14

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