Fact Sheets - Impact of Packaging on Curbside Recycling Collection and Recycling System

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ÉEQ produced fact sheets to provide technical information to companies wishing to adopt packaging that is more compatible with the curbside recycling system. These sheets were developed following studies and advice from Quebec and North-American experts to reflect as accurately as possible Quebec’s curbside collection and recycling context. Each fact sheet presents a summary of the impacts and consequences of particular packaging items at each stage of curbside collection and recycling, as well as the advisability of their use.

With this information, contributing companies and manufacturers may therefore choose to use lower-impact packaging. This tool is also of interest to Quebec sorting centres and recyclers looking to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of curbside recycling.

View this page often to make informed choices about packaging and find out about the latest fact sheets to be issued.

» Document Intended for Users

» Fact Sheet 1: PET Bottles with PVC Sleeve-Labels

» Fact Sheet 2: PET Bottles with PP Sleeve-Labels

» Fact Sheet 3: PLA Bottles  

Last update : October-15-14

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