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The 5 Golden Rules Of Effective Recycling

Golden Rule n° 1

Rinse containers before placing them in the recycling bin

Plastic, glass and metal containers should be rinsed (ideally using soapy dishwater). Doing so avoids contaminating other materials, reduces unpleasant odours and the development of mould and, generally, ensures sorting centre employees work in a healthier environment.

Golden Rule n° 2

Recycle plastic bags and flexible film

Empty bags of their contents, including the cash register receipt, pack them in one bag and tie it in a knot. Plastic bags and flexible film are recovered by many Quebec municipalities. However, they must be empty and packed in a knotted bag in order to facilitate sorting centre operations and ensure the materials are properly recycled.


Golden Rule n° 3

Do not place soiled paper or cardboard in the recycling bin

Paper and cardboard soiled with oil, grease or food are not recyclable.

Golden Rule n° 4

Separate a product's packaging components

For example, removing plastic trays from cookie boxes before placing them in the recycling bin is a great help for sorting operations. Recyclable materials are sorted either manually and/or mechanically into various categories. By separating packaging made of different materials at home, you simplify the sorting process.

Note that it is not necessary to remove the plastic window from envelopes or labels on tin cans.

Golden Rule n° 5

Remove circulars from the plastic bag they come in before placing them in the recycling bin

Removing circulars from the plastic bag they come in before they are placed in the recycling bin optimizes materials handling  at the sorting centre.


Last update : June-17-14

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