Compensation Plan

Materials designated by the Regulation but excluded from reporting

For the time being, all containers, packaging and printed matter used by an industrial, commercial or institutional establishment, including transportation containers and packaging, are excluded from the reporting process. You may therefore deduct these materials from your Company Report.

“Containers and packaging” and “printed matter” designated by the Regulation, but excluded from reporting to ÉEQ 
Type of Material Distinctive Feature Examples

Tertiary or transportation packaging

Containers and packaging designed to facilitate handling and transportation of a certain number of sales units or multipacks in order to avoid their individual handling and damages related to transportation.

(Note that if this packaging is reused for wrapping at the point of sale for transportation of goods to residential consumers, this packaging should then be reported by the retailer.)

  • Transportation containers
  • Transportation containers
    Plastic pallet wrap
  • Corrugated boxes recycled by retailers or grocery stores

Containers, packaging and printed matter sold as products

Containers, packaging and printed matter intended  for  a  single  or  short-term  use  and which are sold as products.

However, loose-leaf, lined or graph paper as well as notepads should be reported.

  • Trash bags
  • Plastic lunch bags
  • Empty CD cases

Durable containers and packaging

Long-life containers or packaging are considered as such containers or packaging designed to accompany, protect or store a product throughout its life when the product is designed to last for five (5) years or more. 

  • Durable case for shavers
  • Plastic case for cordless drill
  • Camera bag
  • CD/DVD cases

Containers, packaging or printed matter accompanying products used or consumed at the site of distribution

Containers, packaging and printed matter accompanying products intended solely to be used or consumed by the consumer at the site of distribution or sale of the product when their disposal is handled at that location. (However, those used for carry-out should be reported.) 

Products not defined as packaging; “accessories” that serve no packaging function.

  • Containers and packaging for on-site food consumption in a restaurant
  • Menus
  • Plastic cutlery
  • Straws
  • Paper napkins
Other items

Books and other printed products included in the “newspaper” class.

Items that constitute an integral part of the product.

  • Books
  • Newspapers represented by RecycleMédias
  • Printer toner cartridges

Some excluded materials will soon be reportable to ÉEQ!

The fact that industry must now compensate 100% of the net costs of municipal curbside recycling services is not a situation conducive to excluding materials designated by the Act.

To the contrary, we should expect to see more materials added to the list so that a broader the pool of contributors shoulder the costs. The list of reportable materials will soon include:

  • Containers, packaging and printed matter generated by B2B transactions, including transportation containers and packaging
  • Containers, packaging and printed matter sold as products and those with a short lifespan (storage bags, paper wrap, calendars, greeting cards, etc.)


Last update : July-13-16

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