Compensation Plan

Designated Materials

ÉEQ represents companies and organizations that put two of three classes of designated materials on Quebec’s market, i.e. “containers and packaging” and “printed matter.” The “newspapers” class is represented by RecycleMédias.

Containers and Packaging

This class of materials includes all types of flexible or rigid material, including paper, carton, plastic, glass or metal, used alone or in combination with other materials:

  • to contain, protect or wrap products

  • is intended for single-use or has a short lifespan and designed to contain, protect or wrap products, including storage bags, paper wrap and paper or foam drinking cups.

Containers and packaging excluded from the Regulation on the compensation plan

Materials excluded from this class include pallets designed to facilitate the transportation of multiple sales units or multipacks as well as containers and packaging included in other classes of materials, particularly materials used to deliver newspapers or printed matter to consumers.

Printed Matter

This class includes paper and other cellulose fibres, whether or not they are used for a text or image. Magazines have been included in this class since the 2010 Schedule of ContributionsÉEQ’s Schedule of Contributions enables companies to determine whether they are subject to the Act, understand the breadth of their obligations and determine the amount of their contribution. Developed using a formula based on studies and verifiable data, the Schedule is established according to type of material and quantities generated during a given year and in consideration of environmental criteria. Framed by thoroughly developed rules, each Schedule is presented to companies for consultation before being sent to the government for approval as required by the Act.
Schedule of Contributions
and must therefore be reported to ÉEQ.

Printed matter excluded from the Regulation on the compensation plan

Books are excluded from this class.

improved materials guide

This guide will help you classify the containers, packaging and printed matter your company puts on Quebec’s market. It also provides concrete examples and information regarding market outlets, as well as some ecodesign tips.

Materials Guide from 2017 Schedule of Contributions
- Materials Guide until 2015-2016 Schedule of Contributions

» Learn more about Materials designated by the Regulation, but excluded from reporting to ÉEQ.

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