Schedules of Contributions and Legal Framework

Compensation Plan

The Environment Quality Act (EQA) and the Regulation respecting compensation for municipal services provided to recover and reclaim residual materials (the Regulation) stipulate the rules for applying the compensation plan.

If your company is subject to the Act, it must contribute to the financing of 100% of the net costs of efficient and effective municipal curbside recycling programs.

Many stakeholders are involved in the curbside recycling system:

  • The government, specifically the Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment and the Fight against Climate Change, enacts legislation, oversees the management of residual materials and sets recovery objectives.

  • RECYC-QUÉBEC certifies organizations, such as ÉEQ, manages the application of the compensation plan, including the calculation of eligible net costs to be compensated, and redistributes the compensation to municipalities.

  • Municipalities have authority over the management of residual materials, which includes determining what materials are collected, set the terms for services to collect containers, packaging and printed matter, and manage those services. In addition, they must report their costs to RECYC-QUÉBEC and submit a report signed by their external auditors.

  • Companies generate the containers, packaging and printed matter targeted by the compensation plan, and are legally required to finance the eligible net costs of municipal curbside recycling programs in a proportion that reached 100% in 2013 according to the principle of extended producer responsibility (EPR).

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Last update : June-01-15

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