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Simplified Reporting Process for Low-volume Producers

Is your company a low-volume producer?

A company is a low-volume producer if it generates 5 metric tonnes or less of designated materials. If so, two flat fee options are available according to the quantity of materials put on Quebec’s market. Starting with the 2014 Schedule of ContributionsÉEQ’s Schedule of Contributions enables companies to determine whether they are subject to the Act, understand the breadth of their obligations and determine the amount of their contribution. Developed using a formula based on studies and verifiable data, the Schedule is established according to type of material and quantities generated during a given year and in consideration of environmental criteria. Framed by thoroughly developed rules, each Schedule is presented to companies for consultation before being sent to the government for approval as required by the Act.
Schedule of Contributions
, a company will be considered a low-volume producer if it generates 15 metric tonnes or less of designated materials and will have a choice of five flat fee options based on quantities or revenues. See our page on flat fees for more information.

Last update : June-12-14

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