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ÉEQ has developed various tools to help companies and organizations understand the compensation plan and the reporting process. Information fact sheets for each business sector and user’s guides are available to assist company representatives involved in Company Report production.

Is your company a low-volume producer?

» Simplified Reporting Process for Low-volume Producers

Schedule of Contributions News and Highlights

Fact sheets present what’s new and key points of Schedule of Contribution application rules, the credit you may be entitled to for containers with recycled content and things to remember when preparing your Company Report:

Information sheets according to sector of activity

    Information sheets according to sector of activity provide an overview of:

    • The main points to consider when determining whether the company is subject to the Act

    • Where to obtain information on packaging material data

    • Available tools to help you fill out a Company Report

  1. Retailers, Distributors and Suppliers

  2. Consumer Products Manufacturers

  3. Durable Goods Manufacturers

  4. General Sector and Services

reporting tools

reference documents

Here are some helpful reference documents for your reporting process:

Tips and advice

The following tips and advice will help you avoid the errors most frequently identified in revised or analyzed Company Reports as well as implement best practices to optimize your reporting process.

Don't hesitate to review our complete reporting guides for available tools on Getting ready to Produce a Company Report and How to Produce an Online Company Report.

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