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To fulfil their obligations, targeted companies and organizations must register with ÉEQ, fill out an online Company Report on the quantities of materials they generate and pay the appropriate contributions.

Registering is easy and quick

Before beginning your registration, be sure to have:

  • Identified a primary contact (the person authorized to act on behalf of your company or organization with regard to legal obligations).

  • The information enabling you to accurately answer the following questions confirming the company or organization’s obligation status:

  1. Do you generate designated materials ultimately intended for Quebec consumers?

  2. Are you eligible for a payment exemption for low-volume producers or one of the flat fee options?

Once that information is available, begin your company’s registration on the ECO-D online reporting system by clicking here.

Click to download the registration guide.

Online registration

Once you have completed your registration, ÉEQ will send an e-mail to the primary contact to provide a company number as well as a username and password required to access the online reporting system. The password may be personalized on your first visit to the site. All information provided by companies for each reporting year will remain confidential.

For more information on reporting, see the reporting kit.

Last update : April-28-15

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