Compliance and Audit

Tips and Advice for your Reporting process

The following tips and advice will help you avoid the errors most frequently identified in revised or analyzed Company Reports and implement best practices to optimize your reporting process.


Common mistakes

Tips and advice

1. Data entry or calculation errors

  • Have the data VALIDATED by an external third party, an internal validation team or a person other than the person preparing the report
  • LOCK cells containing formulas
  • Apply FILTERS in the compilation tools for similar products to identify differences in material weight
  • Regularly UPDATE packaging weight

2. Failing to report designated materials associated with imports

3. Paying a contribution for products generated by suppliers or manufacturers with a place of business in Quebec

  • EXTRACT a list of all suppliers from your system
  • REMOVE all suppliers who have an address in Quebec
  • CHECK the ECO-D site for the list of companies expected to report and remove them from your list
  • If you have any doubts, VALIDATE the status of the supplier on the Registraire des entreprises du Québec’s website []
  • CONTACT Company Services at ÉEQ for more help

4. Failing to report materials that accompany products designated by other regulations

e.g. deposit can boxes

  • DEPOSIT CONTAINERS: secondary containers and packaging are designated by the compensation plan (e.g. plastic rings around beer and soft drink six-packs)
  • PAINTS, OIL AND ANTIFREEZE: secondary containers and packaging are designated by the compensation plan (e.g. cardboard boxes used to transport several containers)
  • FLUORESCENT BULBS, BATTERIES AND ELECTRONICS: secondary containers and packaging are designated by the compensation plan

5. Failing to report materials added at the point of sale

e.g. shopping bags, cash register receipts, etc.

  • CHECK reports on quantities of containers and cash register receipts purchased, material weight and associated materials, often available from suppliers
  • In case of doubt, CHECK with suppliers the types of materials used for your products
  • DEDUCT supplies that are not left with consumers (e.g. packaging retrieved by the store or obsolete materials disposed of by the store)

6. Failing to report materials used for multipack containers and packaging

7. Reporting materials in the wrong category

  • REVIEW ÉEQ’s information sheets on various materials
  • ASK your materials suppliers what type of materials are used for your products
  • In case of doubt, CHECK with ÉEQ’s Company Services concerning types of materials
  • CLASSIFY your materials using ÉEQ’s tools and consult with our experts for more complex cases

8. Reporting materials used for B2B transactions, which are currently excluded from Schedules of Contributions

  • REMOVE from your Company Report all materials used for transactions with industry, commercial establishments and institutions

9. Failing to report promotional material

  • ASK your printing supplier for information on the type of paper and quantities you purchased
  • CONTACT ÉEQ’s Company Services for more help
  • DEDUCT promotional material that is not sent out or that is disposed of by the store
  • DO NOT REPORT inter-company promotional material
  • DEDUCT coupons kept in-store or returned by consumers
Last update : June-16-14

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