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Innovative Glass Works Plan

A practical solution for 100% of glass collected via curbside recycling
The Innovative Glass Works plan takes up the many challenges posed by glass recycling in Quebec and offers a concrete solution for 100% of glass collected by municipal curbside recycling programs. In order to develop the plan, Éco Entreprises Québec (ÉEQ) applied a rigorous approach and called on a team of experts to study a range of solutions to optimize glass processing.

First investments
Investments worth several million dollars will result in more modern sorting centres and help commercialize innovative products that contain glass collected via curbside recycling programs. Not only is the initiative a first in North America, it is a practical solution that aligns perfectly with the government’s sustainable development strategy to fight climate change.

For glass recycling new solutions, view the latest 3RVE video on the  subject:

A winning three-fold plan:


Pilot projects for testing technologies in sorting centres

The first measure consists in providing sorting centres with innovative glass processing equipment. Krysteline Technologies’ state-of-the-art technology, provided in partnership with Machinex, will be installed in several sorting centres as testing pilot projects for a period of up to 15 months.

Support for conditioners and recyclers wishing to develop products containing recycled glass

    This measure offers $1.2 million in support to companies and organizations wishing to develop value-added products for existing and emerging North American markets.

    ÉEQ is offering financial assistance as well as technical and marketing support to companies and organizations with an establishment in Quebec to help them develop products that include glass collected via curbside recycling programs in Quebec.

    Eligible activities include:

    • Product/process testing and prototyping

    • Product/process accreditation, certification and standardization

    • Business plan and marketing development

R&D Technology projects for sorting centres

Projects are being developed to support the testing of recycled glass sorting technologies produced by other equipment manufacturers that have yet to be operationally tested.

Call for applications and terms coming soon.

A material with many advantages
The benefits of using recycled glass in new product manufacturing go far beyond the simple principle of reusing containers. Glass has many practical characteristics that improve the products it is added to.

Following are various products that can be made using recycled glass for Quebec, Ontario and northeast U.S. markets

Useful documentation

Fact sheets:

Video - Example of 3D installation (French only)

Video - Krysteline technology in action

A Quebec – Great-Britain strategic alliance
A strategic partnership was established with Krysteline Technologies, a British company with a technology that takes up the challenge of single-stream materials collection, and with Machinex, a major Quebec equipment manufacturer who will be Krysteline Technologies’s North American distributor.

The selected technology, which has proven its worth abroad for sorting recyclables from single-stream collection, will be tested during pilot projects in Quebec sorting centres over the next few months. It is a patented glass implosion system that facilitates glass cleaning and sorting while the edges of the treated glass are rounded, not sharp.



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