ÉEQ release a new ad campaign and the very first Quebec ecodesign indicator

Montréal (Québec), October 22, 2015 – On the occasion of the 15th edition of Quebec Waste Reduction Week being held from October 17 to 25, Éco Entreprises Québec (ÉEQ) is pleased to announce the results of a survey regarding the understanding of Quebecers of eco-responsible packaging. It is also an opportunity for the organization to launch the second part of its ad campaign featuring spokesperson Éric Salvail.

“For ÉEQ and its 3,000 contributing companies, these are two excellent opportunities to promote responsible consumption and the efforts industry makes regarding packaging issues,” said Virginie Bussières, ÉEQ’s Director of Communications and Public Affairs. “In Quebec, municipal curbside recycling programs are financed by companies that market containers, packaging and printed matter. They are committed from both financial and ecodesign standpoints to make Quebec more eco-responsible.”

Quebecers and their relationship with packaging
For the second consecutive year, ÉEQ has contributed to the annual study conducted by the Observatoire ESG UQAM de la consommation responsable. New this year: the ecodesign indicator has produced useful information on how Quebecers perceive eco-responsible packaging.

The survey revealed, among other things, that almost half of Quebecers (46%) have a good idea of what constitutes eco-responsible packaging, specifically what can be done at each of the different stages in a packaging item’s life cycle: procurement and manufacturing, product transportation, consumer use and disposal at the end of its useful life.

Quebecers are particularly aware of the importance of packaging ecodesign at the manufacturing stage. In that regard, over two-thirds of respondents were correct in saying that packaging is considered eco responsible if it is made up of recycled or recyclable materials.

The issue of eco-responsible packaging is certainly on Quebecers’ radar, but education efforts is still needed to help them understand ecodesign actions at each stage of a packaging item’s life cycle.

Éric Salvail in a new campaign
To that effect, Éric Salvail, ÉEQ’s spokesperson, is dedicated to encouraging responsible consumption and materials recovery. These messages are the basis for the new ad campaign that premiered on his En mode Salvail show on October 21, 2015. The ads will run from October 22 to December 6 on major TV networks and the web.

Similarly to the first part of the campaign that aired last spring, the popular host uses humour to deliver his points. The two new messages are that curbside recycling is financed by contributing companies and that well-designed packaging both prevents waste and makes recovery easier.

“In the first campaign, we described each step of the recycling process until a new product was created,” explained Éric Salvail. “The new TV message now focuses on the fact that industry finances materials recovery. We also produced video capsules presenting ecodesign and the essential role played by municipalities. It’s a way for us to bring a number of subjects to the forefront and to do so in an informative and amusing way. Continuing to deliver these messages is important, as even small things can have a positive impact on the environment, including sorting recyclable materials or buying products with environmentally-improved packaging. That’s why it is a no-brainer for me to be associated with Éco Entreprises Québec and its mission.” 

About Éco Entreprises Québec
Éco Entreprises Québec (ÉEQ) is the organization that develops the Schedule of ContributionsÉEQ’s Schedule of Contributions enables companies to determine whether they are subject to the Act, understand the breadth of their obligations and determine the amount of their contribution. Developed using a formula based on studies and verifiable data, the Schedule is established according to type of material and quantities generated during a given year and in consideration of environmental criteria. Framed by thoroughly developed rules, each Schedule is presented to companies for consultation before being sent to the government for approval as required by the Act.
Schedule of Contributions
and collects company contributions, which are then redistributed to finance municipal and curbside collection services in Quebec. ÉEQ also encourages innovation and best practices in order to optimize the recyclable materials value chain. To do so, ÉEQ cooperates with companies to reduce quantities of materials at the source and encourage the use of recyclable materials, as well as with municipalities and other stakeholders to increase recycling and the economic value of recovered materials. ÉEQ is a private non-profit organization created by companies that put containers, packaging and printed matter on Quebec’s market to represent them. The organization was accredited by RECYC-QUÉBEC in 2005 in accordance with the Environment Quality Act.

The ad and four web capsules featuring Éric Salvail can be viewed (in French) on Éco Entreprises Québec’s website.

A chart was also produced to illustrate the results of the survey conducted by the Observatoire de la consommation responsable. 

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