Giving a second life to recyclables

What happens to the recyclable material?

When you put containers, packaging and printed material into your recycling bin, it’s all collected and directed toward one of 24 sorting centres in Québec. On site, collected material is sorted and then baled for resale to recyclers, where it gets transformed and given a new life. With the financial contribution of the companies, 5 million tonnes of recyclable material has been recovered since 2005—the equivalent of 45 Olympic Stadiums! Curbside recycling has already contributed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2 million tonnes since 2005—the equivalent of 440,000 cars being taken off the road during one year. 

Innovating, financing and recovering materials, an investment in the future. Everybody wins!

Putting the right stuff in the bins really gives it a new life

Many day-to-day items and objects are made from material that can go right into the recycling bin. Containers, packaging and printed material is collected, sorted and transformed by a recycler. Manufacturers then produce new items from this recycled material… weather transformed back into new packaging or into new objects, it really does get a new life, thus completing the transformation cycle. For example:


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Last update : October-22-15

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