Eco-responsible business practices


ÉEQ provides companies with guidance to help them reduce the environmental impact of their packaging

Developed by Éco Entreprises Québec (ÉEQ), is an interactive portal that helps companies doing business in Canada design packaging and printed matter using a sustainable development approach that results in savings, innovation and a reduced environmental footprint. is based on internationally-recognized norms and standards to meet today's packaging optimization challenges. In addition, the portal recognizes and promotes packaging and printed matter optimization initiatives via OptimAction, a tool that allows companies to measure and communicate the benefits of their initiative.

Learn, Act, Share! is designed for companies who manufacture, design or distribute packaged products or printed matter. The portal suggests optimization options based on the packaged product's life cycle, starting from materials procurement to packaging end-of-life, including recyclability.

One Portal, 4 Strategies

Many companies have already integrated optimization in their everyday business operations. Keeping focus on sustainable development, packaging optimization initiatives integrate environmental factors in business practices right from the design stage. suggests four strategies:

  1. Integrate responsible procurement criteria
  2. Develop an optimal design
  3. Improve end-of-life management
  4. Communicate the approach

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Last update : June-12-14

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