Éco Entreprises Québec commends Tricentris for building a glass micronization plant

ÉEQ hopes that similar initiatives will be developed to reclaim other materials included in curbside recycling programs financed by Quebec companies.

Montréal, May 10, 2013– As the representative of companies that put containers, packaging and printed matter on Quebec’s market with regard to their financial responsibility under the Environment Quality Act, Éco Entreprises Québec (ÉEQ) commends the Tricentris sorting centre for building a glass micronization plant. “This major initiative is another example of Quebec’s innovative spirit and leadership in making curbside recycling an outstanding success,” said Maryse Vermette, ÉEQ’s President and CEO. “Curbside recycling optimization can only be achieved when all actors in the value chain are mobilized and take responsibility. Tricentris and the SAQ’s Chaire de valorisation du verre have, in this sense, created a strategic alliance to develop market outlets for glass to find a clever way to give that material a second life,” she added.

The organization remains concerned about ensuring that the system is able to optimally condition the materials generated by its members. Those companies now compensate 100% of the costs of municipal curbside recycling services, which brings the amount paid to municipalities to almost $120 million every year. It is also important that the sums invested allow materials recovered by the public to be used, after processing, to make new products, therefore closing the recycling loop.

“There are certain materials, such as glass, that pose challenges, either with regard to processing or reclamation. We understand the situation and participate in the search for solutions, but it is essential that all stakeholders take responsibility,” Ms. Vermette pointed out.

Éco Entreprises Québec firmly believes that curbside recycling is the system of choice to recover all recyclable materials. That is why the organization invests over and above its legal obligations to provide financial support to various initiatives aimed at optimizing the system. In fact, ÉEQ recently announced a five-year, $4 million contribution for awayfrom- home materials recovery and uses its state-of-the-art expertise to help solve specific problems, such as the glass issue. Finally, the organization works closely with municipalities to share curbside recycling best practices.

ÉEQ hopes others will follow Tricentris’ lead by acquiring selective sorting equipment and investing in the search for market outlets to give recyclable materials a new life. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved, from contributing companies who compensate the costs of curbside recycling programs and municipalities who manage them using an optimized system, to the general public who place recyclable materials in their bins and therefore show trust in the system’s quality.

About Éco Entreprises Québec

Éco Entreprises Québec (ÉEQ) is a private, non-profit organization created by companies that put containers, packaging and printed matter (CP&PM) on Quebec’s market. ÉEQ was certified by RECYC-QUÉBEC to establish a fee structure and collect contributions from companies in order to pay the net costs of municipal curbside recycling. In addition to that primary function, ÉEQ is involved in a number of initiatives to optimize the curbside recycling value chain, particularly with regard to reducing at the source the quantities of CP&PM generated and increasing their recyclability, enhancing curbside recycling and reducing its costs, as well as increasing not only the quantities of residual materials that are recycled, but also their economic value.

Source and information:
Virginie Bussières
Communications Director
Éco Entreprises Québec
514-987-1491, ext. 225

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