Who is Subject to the Act?

Generally speaking, the Environment Quality Act (EQA) applies to companies and organizations that, over an obligation year, meet the following 3 criteria:


  • Have a domicile, establishment or place of business in Quebec
  • Are the owners of a brand, a name or a distinguishing guise or are the first suppliers in Quebec
  • Generate designated materials intended for end-users in Quebec

Such companies are required to pay a contribution in accordance with a Schedule of ContributionsThe Schedule of Contributions is made up of the application rules, which govern (1) obligation terms, (2) the definition of designated materials, (3) parameters for Company Reports, and (4) administrative terms relating to contribution payments. The Schedule of Contributions also includes a contribution table, which allocates the annual amount of compensation due for a given class of materials (e.g. containers and packaging) and its various component materials (e.g. glass, metal, plastic, cardboard, etc.).
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Schedule of Contributions
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