How to Report?

Tools to Assist in Registering and Reporting

Éco Companies Québec (ÉEQ) provides companies and organizations with a variety of tools to help them understand the compensation plan and prepare Company Reports. All company contacts have access to the tools they need according to level of information, including fact sheets for each sector of activity, online information capsules and user’s guides.

Fact Sheets According to Sector of Activity

Fact sheets on each sector of activity are available to give an overview of:

  • the main points to consider in determining whether or not a company is targeted
  • where to find the information to report
  • the tools available to fill out a Company Report

Highlights, 2009 and future Schedule of ContributionsThe Schedule of Contributions is made up of the application rules, which govern (1) obligation terms, (2) the definition of designated materials, (3) parameters for Company Reports, and (4) administrative terms relating to contribution payments. The Schedule of Contributions also includes a contribution table, which allocates the annual amount of compensation due for a given class of materials (e.g. containers and packaging) and its various component materials (e.g. glass, metal, plastic, cardboard, etc.).
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Schedule of Contributions

Methodology sheets:

File for compiling sold products

User’s guides

User’s guides help companies and organizations to fulfill their obligation to report the quantities of materials generated by their products or services intended for Quebec consumers.

User’s Guide 1: Preparing to Register and Report

This guide includes

  • General information to help targeted companies register with ÉEQ
  • Guidelines on data targeted companies need to include in their Company Report, specifically:
    • designated materials
    • materials that must be reported
    • packaging and printed matter exemptions
    • allowable deductions
Download “User’s Guide 1: Preparing to Register and Report”
User’s Guide 2: Submitting a Company Report

This user’s guide explains how the ECO-D online reporting system works and gives the contact step-by-step instructions on how to fill out and submit a Company Report. It also offers tips and hints to simplify the process.

Download “User’s Guide 2: Preparing to Register and Report”



Calculators were designed to help targeted companies that generate a large range of products in particular sectors. Each calculator is accompanied by a user’s guide to facilitate reporting.

ÉEQ must give prior approval for the use of calculators. If you would like to submit a request to use a calculator, fill out the form Request to Use a Calculator  and send it by e-mail to

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