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Fact Sheets - Impact of Packaging on Curbside Recycling Collection and Recycling System

Éco Entreprises Québec (ÉEQ) developed fact sheets to fulfill a need expressed by contributing companies wishing to adopt packaging that is more compatible with Quebec's current recycling streams.

Fact sheets are a best practices tool developed from in-depth analyses of highly specialized sources of information, including a variety of studies and external opinions from local and North-American experts. Thanks to such supporting data, ÉEQ is able to accurately reflect Quebec's particular curbside recycling collection and recycling situation.

Each fact sheet presents a succinct summary table of the impacts and consequences of the particular packaging studied at each stage of curbside recycling collection and recycling, and provides a recommendation on the relevancy of its use. Contributing companies and manufacturers may therefore benefit from the guidance offered on packaging choices to reduce its impact on curbside recycling collection and recycling. Quebec sorting centres and recyclers could also be interested by this tool which helps improve the efficiency and effectiveness of curbside recycling collection.

Visit this page regularly to inform your packaging decisions and remain up-to-date on new fact sheets.


Fact Sheets have been developed in accordance with current collection, sorting and recycling practices as well as equipment used in Quebec. ÉEQ's recommendations are based on available information and practices most representative of Quebec's industry. Because the situation evolves with time, publication dates and updates, as appropriate, are specified on each Fact Sheet. ÉEQ is fully aware that other factors must also be considered, including safety, product preservation, technical possibilities and the environmental footprint of packaging. Please keep in mind that the information provided in these Fact Sheets is limited to the impact of packaging on curbside recycling collection and recycling system in Quebec.

Last update : April-03-12

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