Areas of Action

A compensation plan based on fairness and innovation

The compensation plan frames the fee structure, which is at the very heart of Éco Entreprises Québec’s (ÉEQ) activities The organization adopted measures to ensure a more equitable fee structure for companies that generate containers, packaging and printed matter, breaking new ground by introducing in the contribution schedule a number of provisions to foster the use of recycled materials. ÉEQ guides and supports companies with regard to their responsibilities under the compensation plan.

Optimization is the key to efficient and effective curbside recycling

In addition, ÉEQ gets involved both upstream and downstream of the curbside recycling of containers, packaging and printed matter. That is why the organization invests significant efforts and funds to support optimization and, ultimately, the sustainability of curbside recycling as the most efficient and effective system to manage materials marketed by the companies it represents.

In other words, as part of its mission, ÉEQ has defined its priorities in the following terms:

  • Optimization of the net costs of municipal curbside recycling services as part of an efficient and effective system
  • Develop a fair fee structure, i.e. one that targets all companies subject to the EQA and covers all designated materials
  • Provide guidance to targeted companies in order to encourage the adoption of best practices relating to containers, packaging and printed matter.

ÉEQ’s actions are based on the following guidelines:

  • Thoroughness and use of reliable data and demonstrated facts
  • Development of innovative approaches
  • Protection of the environment in a sustainable development framework
  • Taking collective responsibility, which requires the commitment of all stakeholders
Last update : February-03-12

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