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Created by companies that put containers, packaging and printed matter on Quebec’s market, ÉEQ is a private non-profit organization that was accredited by RECYC-QUÉBEC in 2005 under the Environment Quality Act. 

Éco Entreprises Québec (ÉEQ) is the organization that develops the Schedule of Contributions and collects company contributions, which are then redistributed to finance municipal curbside recycling services in Quebec. ÉEQ also encourages innovation and best practices in order to optimize the recyclable materials value chain. To do so, ÉEQ cooperates, on the one hand, with companies to reduce quantities of materials at the source and encourage the use of recyclable materials, as well as with municipalities and other stakeholders to increase recycling and the economic value of recovered materials.

ÉEQ represents more than 3,000 contributing companies and organizations who put containers, packaging and printed matter on Quebec’s market. Under the Environmental Quality Act (EQA), they have been required to compensate 100% of the net costs of municipal curbside recycling services since 2013.

Contributing companies work in the following business sectors:

  • Retailers and distributors
  • Food and consumer product manufacturers
  • Durable goods manufacturers (including furniture and large appliances)
  • Services (including financial and insurance services, accommodations, food services, associations as well as government and para-government agencies)

ÉEQ contributing companies are a major force in Quebec’s economy, with annual overall sales reaching $110 billion. They also provide over 1 million direct jobs.

Mission and Values

ÉEQ’s mandate is to:

  • Represent targeted companies with regard to their responsibility to finance their share of the net costs of efficient and effective municipal curbside recycling services with a view to supporting sustainable development
  • Establish an equitable fee structure to ensure program financing
  • In partnership with municipalities and RECYC-QUÉBEC, promote efforts to increase quantities of recovered materials through curbside recycling at the lowest possible cost

ÉEQ endeavours to fulfill its mission with :

  • Fairness
  • Respect
  • Thoroughness
  • Transparency

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